Passing Clouds

The clouds are sitting

On my chest.

They’re surprisingly heavy

For vapour.

Each breath comes

With the clinging of

Mist and

Coolness of self pity.

But I shake that off.


My throat is toxic

And my voice

Infects others with

The venom

I keep in my mouth.

It’s brewed from

My mind and runs through

My veins

Fuelled by honesty.


Lust is at the heart

Of all our

Decisions but we claim

It’s love to make

Ourselves feel better.

We don’t love.

We want.

And we share a mutual want

Till someone wants something else.


I see it

Through the brand new

Eyeballs I purchased

Which were on offer.

They are the latest in

Sight seeing technology

And marketing


They show me what is to come.


The rain falls

From my new eyes

And I don’t even try

To think of

Inventive metaphors

Because you

All say the same thing

Regardless of what

I write.


You’re all too fucking polite.


I know

What is coming.

But none of you listen.

You dismiss

Any words as mad ramblings

Of a bitter brain

And continue as normal

With your Kodak moments.


The sky darkens

The earth shakes

And tribal instincts

Kick in and

We all become

The animals we are.

Suits are ripped off,

Ties strewn across pavements,

Laptops lie in puddles,

Then we all suffer from mass



Then suddenly

When the sky

Is filled with

The gasps of struggling


The clouds lift from my chest

And I

Pick up a laptop

In the hope

There is wifi

At the end of it all

So I can express

More shit

To people I don’t know.







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